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We encourage users to offer comments on our exhibits and to participate in a dialogue about Top 40 Radio, the people, the music, popular culture and history preserved in these airchecks. MP3. Airchecks and interviews with Dan Ingram, Bruce Morrow, Chuck Leonard, Scott Muni, Bob Lewis, Herb Oscar Anderson, and PD Rick Sklar. He is currently at WTRY 98. By 1966, Radio Caroline had an audience of 23 million, but its success proved to be its undoing. Including political issues, the truth about 911, lying politicians, new world order, satanic government, satanic Hollywood, the music industry, symbology & numerology, ancient history & cultures, rituals, secret societies, human consciousness, TV mind control, the solution and much more We plan to post a “call-out” if you will, a “wanted” on Motor City Radio Flashbacks for classic WJLB and WCHB R&B airchecks sometime shortly…. The speed of his delivery was to radio as Maynard Ferguson's high notes were to jazz trumpet. XERB 1090is taking you backto the sunny days and star-filled nights of Southern California summer in the sixties! Radio Tribute Site for WOLF 1490 The Big 15 Syracuse. This particular aircheck was recorded around 5:00 PM. National Lampoon Radio Hour 12/31/73 1 CD KYA Top 30 of 1967 12/30/67 2 CDs Wolfman Jack XERB Aircheck Radio Shows for sale. Off Shore Radio. 90:00 Various scoped airchecks of many of the former WMCA Good Guys doing their shows in 1992. 1 with a bullet. 5 WBLS, 77 WABC, WADO, WHTZ Z100, & 101 WCBS-FM. John, Mike Lennox and Ed Stewart. We exhibit scoped radio station airchecks, music surveys, promotions, interesting radio articles, tribute pages and more. You'll hear Jim Lawrence come into the studio to talk with Gene. The host Ulf Elfving was 25 when the show was aired on Channel 3 of the national radio of Sweden on January 1st, 1968. Enjoy this re-creation of the Ed Stewart show on Radio London here. All Weird Beard airchecks on this page are in downloadable MP3 format and are arranged chronologically (when dates are available). Dear Radio Groupies - DJ's and Personalities of Philly, NYC, Upstate, Adak Alaska, Seattle, Portland and the Oregon and NorCal markets are sitting in my library. Johnny plays the hits on a Million Dollar Weekend in 1967. Vol. Columbus GA - Summer and Winter 1967. with extra emphasis on the 60's and 70's. 104. The recent "Golden Age of Underground Radio" thread got me looking for airchecks of WNEW from the early to mid 70s. This was a month after Rosko had joined WNEW-FM, just about two weeks after Jonathan Schwartz had joined and still 19 days before Muni would join. This is no mere nostalgia trip; Aircheck seeks out some of the more unusual and unpredictable moments and personalities in radio that probably wouldn't get attention anywhere else. Cousin' Brucie from the end of November, 1967 with WABC completely ignoring what was starting to happen on FM. Some photos, quick bios plus links to airchecks of a few of them to hear as they were on the air back when courtesy of The Reel Top 40 Radio Repository and Pavek Museum. John R. Jackshaw appears as the guest DJ from the University of Houston. Often times when researching the legacies of classic radio stations, we don’t come across much valuable information. 875 inches per second. USA. His plan is to feature radio broadcast airchecks from Northeast Ohio from all eras and formats. Contact Maelin at alumni@kzsc. We focus primarily on Top 40/CHR and its various permutations. The primary function of REELRADIO is archival and educational. , 790 kc, 5,000 watts WHAS WHAS, Inc. After the composites and reunion shows, they're sorted by the DJ's or newsman's last name. Drop one of these audio time capsules and you’re transported to the everyday world of another era, the DJ patter, newsbreaks and commercial spots allowing you to hear and A collection of airchecks (off the air recordings) of many historical radio stations, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area from the 1960s to 2000s, by Mike Schewizer (1953-2011), esteemed legend of radio and engineering. A site like this is long overdue, and we wish Geoff the best Old Time Radio Donna Lee Halper's History of Radio Aaron Mintz's Radio-TV Archive Airchecks Top 40 Radio Repository bostonradio. On this page you can download Johnny Randolph airchecks from the Super 79. There are many different levels to listen to in the WABC Airchecks. He executed each movement as Phillips in the sound proof control room, would smash the large button which would set off a buzzer in Engineering. the announcers, jingles, promotions, song intros and outros Q-102 late 80's airchecks Pete McCrae, Steve Chase, Chuck Knight, Lee Martin and Julie Johnson. 1.   In March and December of 2005, and again in December of 2006 and yet again in January 2008,, XM Satellite radio's "60s on 6" channel devoted an entire afternoon to re-creating the sound of WIXY, using WIXY jingles and airchecks, and playing songs from the WIXY era. 7/4/76 . Howie became an "off the air" progran director just doing some fill in work. This website is dedicated to the history of radio stations from the 1950’s to the late 1980’s. The British government shut down Radio London on August 14, 1967 but not before a lot of great radio was made. He has begun a new blog called Northeast Ohio Airchecks. Most of them are very cordial to deal with, although most prefer trades over purchases. Radio and Television Airchecks from 1965-1985 Enjoy the Top Songs in Sweden in 1967. 5 simulcasted the MOR format of the AM station and continued to simulcast when the station switched to a country format in 1967. KYA Radio 1260: The Top 40 Collection Part One: The Fifties & Sixties San Francisco, California Russ "The Moose" Syracuse Chris Edwards Emperor Gene Nelson Johnny Holliday A Belated Valentine To Early '60s KYA By Gene Sculatti As most visitors to this Bay Area Radio Stations Airchecks, Images and Ephemera Listed alphabetically by call letters. 5 in Alliance. 243. The following audio clip is an aircheck from 52 years ago this very day -- January 21, 1965. The Rock-it Radio Launching Pad (Click here for the Rock-it Store) is currently selling 3 vintage Wolf Man Jack Radio broadcasts from 1967, 1969 and 1970. Honky Tonk Woman-Rolling Stones-In 1969 the nice thing about this single (besides being a good song) is that the flip side is You Can’t Always Get What You Want. . The webmaster also does not sell airchecks. BILLBOARD HOT 100 TABULATED BY RECORDS RETAIL SALES AND RADIO AIRPLAY . 4 Meg long, with a running time of 9 minutes 13 seconds. Who can tell me about aircheck collecting? Is this something that is legal to do (in terms of downloading)? Any good links? WKLO Airchecks This page updated Sunday, December 30, 2018. First, the obvious; if you grew up with WABC or Top 40 radio there is a feeling of nostalgia when you hear things from the past. are expected to hit half a billion this year. Buchanan was born and raised in Grand Rapids, and was bitten by the radio bug in the mid-1950's during the Top 40 era of WLAV and WMAX radio. Paul) Radio Stations, Some Recorded Off The Air by Rick Burnett and Many Others Recorded or Provided by Other Contributors to This Site (see footnote at bottom). City Call Letters Frequency Date (YYYY/MM/DD) Start Time Disk Jockey and/or format (positioner) Radio Airchecks, 1965-1985. He passed on a couple of DVDs of airchecks (only a fraction of his In 1967 they sounded hip An historical archive of Radio Surveys & Nostalgia. What the story dosen't The webmaster also does not sell airchecks. (following a gentle shove by Larry Miller earlier in 1967). Welcome to the Radio Timeline. The station is changing its musical diet, at an approximate cost of $35,000, to become Louisville's only 24-hour-a-day country music station. In the past it was usually just those in the radio industry that collected these airchecks from famous broadcasters. FMAirchecks is the home of the next generation of classic radio featuring scoped recordings from the mid 1980s through early 2000’s. Airchecks of radio from days gone by! A Complete Aircheck List YESTERDIAL list of airchecks available corrected to December 2009 (to order please contact us at: yesterdial@skynet. , 620 kc, 500 watts WAKY Lin Broadcasting Co. Below is a list of television-related events in 1967. Various CKLW 20/20 News airchecks - digitized by J. wdrcobg. The recordings on this site provide historical examples of Twin Cities radio and are intended for purposes of archival preservation and for research. The Light Programme was a BBC radio station which broadcast chiefly mainstream light entertainment and music from 1945 until 1967, when it was rebranded as BBC Radio 2. WCBS-FM Airchecks and Jingles CBS FM Flashback 1967 CBS FM Flashback 1969 This site is NOT affiliated with WCBS-FM or CBS Radio. For a group of well-traveled disc jockeys, working in a business that is transient by nature, mention of radio station KCBQ evokes memories of a golden era, a time when they were No. singles chart with 14 records on three different labels — Capitol, Vee-Jay, Tollie — in this April 11, 1964 Billboard Yesterdial - Radio The Way We Were. be WNEW News Airchecks from 1967 by USA TODAY Talking Tech published on 2014-03-16T01:23:06Z Step back into yesteryear and hear some amazing radio commercials in-between the newscast. For discussion issues pertaining to the hobby of collecting and trading radio airchecks. airchecks for trade. (1967) it became 1967 in television The year 1967 in television involved some significant events. I Programmers Digest. MusicRadio Airchecks -Greatest AM-FM Radio Shows from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s,2000 on CDs & by Digital Mp3 Instant downloads. These airchecks showcase the great music, that “KASY Kind of Music”. This past week, I've I am always looking for more materials to add to this site, especially DJ and News airchecks, newspaper articles, collectibles, etc. If you don't find what you're WOWO Jingles. WIFI Jim Reid 3/22/77 Airchecks 1 CD Other Products from musicradio2005. ARSA STATIONS : Stations: Station Call or City: Displaying [1. In 1967, offshore stations were banned under the Maritime Broadcasting Offences Act. Collectors of radio and television airchecks from the years 1965-1985. KFMG 94. 's king-sized vibrator", it didn't mean what you think it means. It's fun! Second, if you are a fan of Top 40 radio, these airchecks provide a real insight into how it was done. , 1510 WLAC Nashville | 1967 June 18, 2011 Steve West 1510 WLAC , Nashville 10 John R. BBC Tribute to Roger. We are actively seeking new material such as WOWO airchecks, jingles and photos. Paul) radio aircheck from December 7, 1967, DJ Don DuChene’s show includes lots of news, weather, sports, topical jokes, loc Radio Airchecks. When I was young, I'd listen to WNEW from our home in Caldwell, NJ. Didn’t even realise this was in the archives, thanks to Marc McCreadie, had to scope this one it’s almost an hour long, so here’s part one, featuring from one of the most distinctive voices Kev Golsby on the Shortbread creams ad, great 60’s sounds on here Audio Clips - Airchecks, newscasts, station jingles, promos, commercials, IDs, program intros and theme songs. If you have anything to contribute to WIXY1260. This page was last updated on August 12, 2011. 5 signed on in 1965 as WRCP-FM,the sister station to WRCP-AM, owned by Rust Craft, a greeting card company. Ronald Reagan was still in office. Incidentally, you should only have to do this once when visiting this site and only on airchecks for which there is an explanation page associated with it. A. ; History of Philadelphia radio station 104. It opened on 29 July 1945, taking over the longwave frequency which had earlier been used – prior to the outbreak of the Second World War in September 1939 – by the BBC National Programme. The incredibly fast talking Jack Armstrong on KB. Ed Brouder's web site www. Radio Caroline (named after the daughter of U. K-Lakes went. They're paying tribute not only to CBS-FM but also to WWDJ, WOR-FM, WINS, WNEW-FM and all the other legendary NY City stationsincluding the archetypical WVWA in Pound Ridge! WLS August 24, 1967 Jim Wynne WLS Newscast (6:10) Ted Anthony 1974 (15:00) WLS Web Pages Updated June 7, 2018. The commercials and newscast are the only short breaks in the flow of the music. Bay Area Radio Museum Exhibits Listed By Station. AmericanRadioHistory documents the history of radio and television in a library of thousands of magazines and publications about Broadcasting, Radio, TV, Programming, Wireless, Electronics and Ratings WABC Airchecks - US - Listen to free internet radio, sports, music, news, talk and podcasts. But both of them were radio announcers before Jackie Robinson was a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers. ** - NEW Additions. com) If you are looking for something more portable, I’d suggest hooking up with some of the many aircheck traders on the internet or eBay. Robin’s first person accounts and sound clips are captivating in bringing back the dynamics of Portland and Seattle radio from the 1960 Consequently, a great many "old time radio programs" from the network heyday exist, though not all can be considered airchecks. Donahue would go on to revolutionize the format at KSAN ("The Jive 95"). 3 . com". WTMA 9-11-2001 Broadcast Part 1 (66:17) In other words, all airchecks featured on this website fall under "Fair Use" guidelines. Jaksha (John Jackshaw). Whether talent, support or listeners it touched a lot of us in ways that stateside media could only dream of. These airchecks also feature John T. FOUR TIMES! WIXY-1260 is fondly remembered in radio circles. Here's the year-end survey from WIBG Philadelphia with the Top 99 Songs of 1967. Don Rose,* razzes his radio audience at WQXI/Atlanta, Georgia, in February 1967. (7:14) Well put together by Charlie Parker and the crew at WDRC, this is a nice edit of old time radio, music programs, jingles and airchecks. John to the realm of TOP JOCKS! Thanks Pat for all the years of great entertainment, and terrific airchecks! If you have airchecks or original taped broadcasts and would like to share, please let us know. 9. This section of the site is dedicated to preserving some of the best radio ever heard in Los Angeles. The Monkees were in the Twin Cities for a concert and broadcast from KDWB's "Secret City" with a remote from the hotel where the band was staying. More here. He became known to the station's audience as one of "The Good Guys," five radio personalities handpicked by the owners, Leonard and Phil Chess of Chess Records. The IAB expects podcast advertising to exceed $500 million in 2019, which represents growth of about 65% in just two years. Ads scoped. Collecting airchecks is a great way to learn broadcasting techniques over the years. Also, in August, 2006, I uncovered entire Jeff McNeal shows comprising my first two weeks of doing mornings at KKIS. This is one of the main web pages of Grady McAllister of Houston, Texas 14 KQV Radio, Airchecks, Jingles, Top 40. Johnny Randolph spent 10 years at WAKY (1967-1977) becoming Program Director in 1970. Student radio at UCSC started in 1967– we’re 50 years old now! All KZSC (née KRUZ) alum programmers are invited back to spin some classics and share personal reflections about their glory days on the air. 1966-1967 WOR-FM "The Sound Is" Airchecks All of my airchecks are UNscoped with the exception of (s) scoped and (ps) partially scoped. 207. Although music and radio were a natural combination, playing records on the air did not catch on right away, for a number of reasons. Here are some of the classic packages! PLEASE NOTE: Recently, some people have attempted to sell HistoryOfWOWO. It was the Golden age of Top 40 Radio at a time when everyone listened to the same music. net is Airchecks:Radio:REELRADIO Reel Top 40 Radio Repository. WOLF AIRCHECKS Page 3. 9 . An historical archive of Radio Surveys & Nostalgia. This list was compiled by Charlie O'Brien, with many thanks to former CKLW producer Tommy Ryan for his help with the compilation. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for B MITCHEL REED ~ WMCA 570 & KFWB 980 ~ 1963 thru 1970 ~ 5 CD RADIO AIRCHECKS at the best online prices at eBay! Starting Sunday, WINN radio will be singing a different tune. He created his own psychedelic universe. MY RADIO STATION AIRCHECK COLLECTION RADIO CAROLINE SHOW+ KHJ 1967-12-30 & 31 The Big 93 of 1967 [#93-64] Hunble Harve to Johnny Williams (1 Keywords: WOR-FM 98. com PRESS: The Announcement . Listed alphabetically by call letters. By virtue of his earned position in the center of Beatles-era Boss Angeles Top 40 radio, Morgan (and his pal, The Real Don Steele) defined an era. Thank you for your assistance and long Legendary WABC Radio Broadcasts. It's considered historical because it was the first station in the country to present rock music outside of the then common Top 40 approach. These airchecks were the only reel to reel recordings that I made at 1. mp3. Another aircheck submitted to us by Jeff Goodridge is one of WHLO/640 in Akron, again apparently dating from December 1967. Pat is now a really busy guyhe does the 10 AM-2 PM show on Sunday mid-day show at WCBS-FM, and is also a host and program manager of several shows at Sirius Satellite Radio. com on WTRY in the early 70s. Radio airchecks belong to history and to all of us who love radio. said he wanted more stories regarding my time at WLRS…so: You know from my earlier posts, that WLRS was initially the associated radio operation to The Louisville Radio School, and that is the origin of the call letters. 3. Click to enlarge, audio Radio Airchecks From The Past! Arbitron Data For Your But the earliest black radio announcer is usually credited to one of two credible contenders: Joe Bostic Sr. myurko128 Nov 7th, 2015 FILE 1970's Top 40 Radio - WLS WCFL WFIL WIBG WABC. com!Join us as Jan Gabriel hams it up at WJOB/Hammond, Indiana; The Real Don Steele keeps KHJ/Los Angeles listeners on their toes; and our “fuddy duddy buddy,” Dr. After leaving Chicago radio, Card went into concert promotion around the Midwest, and then purchased a handful of radio stations in Wisconsin. Radio Monte Carlo 103. Bob Shannon writes: I've been turned on by Upstate New York colleague Don Bayley to NY Radio Memories. WOWO jingles are considered classics by jingle collectors worldwide, and are highly sought after. Charlie Van Dyke TM Productions/Dallas 1975. Rodney Jones was a beloved legend to the listeners of WVON radio in the 1960s and 1970s. WEAM - ARLINGTON Rick King 01/01/68 45:00 [14:10] Top songs of 1967. Part One is a brief contemporary overview of the station's origins by Paul Dallas, followed by an interview with a teenaged fan of the station -- Dallas' stepson, Chris. ARSA : ABOUT 1967-04-02: Radio 270: 1115 : AM: At Sea: England, United Kingdom Springbok Radio — FM On August 22 1964, a date that coincides closely with the much-heralded arrival of the Beatles in Vancouver, CKLG underwent a radical change and became the third station in Vancouver's radio history to adopt the "Top Forty" format. This is an audio tape aircheck archive ((frmsem vaults) listing of, primarily, various land-based fm pirate radio stations as heard in the east midlands circa '88 - new milenium. The Wisconsin stations were sold in 1989. American Influence . In the radio business we would say these airchecks are 'scoped'. Music from Class of 1967 DJ Lane Quigley Memory Land show 5 CDs Rock-it Radio The sale of these airchecks helps to keep paying the bills at Rock-it Radio still Download Radio AirChecks and Jingles 1960's-2003 torrent or any other torrent from category. KLYF Ken and Pam plus Tim White from 1993. 22min. Any questions? Feel free to ask by sending me an e-mail to RichM921@hotmail. A WORK IN PROGRESS. The voice may sound familiar to modern talk radio fans, Jeff Christie is better known as Rush Limbaugh. Lerza as he skillfully manipulated the controls. It didn’t chart, but was played regularly on the radio. The Monkees were in the Twin Cities for a concert and broadcast from KDWB's "Secret City" with a Elsewhere in the February 1967 Rock & Roll Radio landscape, we have some fun listening to entertaining pioneering DJs’ airchecks at ReelRadio. Portland radio in the 60's up close Portland native and legendary radio broadcaster, Robin Mitchell, has a terrific web site devoted to radio in the Pacific Northwest. ~Scott GARY'S RADIO AIRCHECKS VIRGINIA. After all, they were originally broadcast over the public airwaves. WAV file that is approximately 4. 30] of 3447 Stations : Go To Page: 1 | 50 | 100 been airchecking Bay Area radio stations since the late sixties. as well as an aircheck from 1967. mp3 AirChecks - WDEN (AM) Macon - Chris Edwards for Grady Spires. #65-51 K/men Soundathon Combo- Continuing with the compilation of the 1967-1972 Kmen Top 300 Soundathons 65. More airchecks found in Radio Stations and Personalities sections. I'll load-up more personalities for you on Radio Disc Jockey as demand goes. includes classic real broadcasts and Airchecks from your favorite radio stations in the 1960s. Laurent Eveno. NET BBC AC 160 BBC Show 14 Jan. I was present, standing to the right of Mr. 1967 radio airchecks com, please email the Webmaster. NEO Airchecks wishes to thank Jerry Coleman of Salem, Ohio for this latest aircheck. Airchecks. Do you have any WKLO airchecks we can add to this page? Drop us a line. WOR-FM Airchecks 1966-1967. Even though this was released on the 18th, I think this announcement was pretty much ignored by the press, because Rosko appearing on WNEW-FM on October 30th was a complete surprise to many. WOR-FM's time as an adult rock radio station was only about 14 months. EarthStation1. Finally, we also firmly believe that all radio airchecks belong to the public domain. com: WABC Radio Airchecks MP3 Collection 1960s-1980s - 75 Hours Of Top 40 Musicradio 77 WABC-AM Radio Shows Broadcasts: Radio MP3s On CDs, DVDs And USB Flash Drives, And As MP3 Downloads Click above to hear more vintage broadcast radio airchecks from the Reel Radio Repository. Most of the music is edited out, and this is for two reasons. 3) - Airchecks from the final day of the station on September 3, 2012. All airchecks are in MP3 format and are arranged chronologically (when dates are available). Help Aircheck Collectors. All WKLO airchecks on this page are in in MP3 format. They've got thousands of vintage top-40 radio broadcasts - many complete with songs, ads, station idents, and lots of DJ banter. (Richbourg) was one of four Rhythm & Blues deejays who graced the airwaves of WLAC after dark, when the station’s powerful 50,000 watt signal could be heard via skywave across 38 states and parts of the Caribbean. They do not belong to a single person, company, etc. Scoped. It's also a great way of having that feeling of nostalgia, as they truly are a testament of the time and memories of those given time periods. KLKS-FM (Breezy Point, MN 104. President John F. Airwaves, people, airwaves. AIRCHECKS. It's fair to say that we haven't heard the last of Robert W. Our aircheck exhibits are recordings of one-time radio broadcasts, both full-length and "Scoped". At an MOR station, such as KASY, the delivery was kind of laid back and presented in an adult This entry was posted in 3UZ, Andrews Legends on the Mic, Classic Australian radio commercials, Historic radio, Imaging, Jingles, Personalities, Radio station and tagged 1967, 3UZ, Aircheck, Announcers, Imaging, Jingle, John Vertigan, Melbourne Radio on March 21, 2014 by andrew. 1300+ Airchecks 1967-1974: Mark Yurko: 12/24/13 7:20 AM: Here is my whole aircheck collection - 1300+ from 1967-1974. After a lengthy stint at WDJQ, he left the radio business and became a minister. Current staff will be on hand to document your treasured stories and give […] SF Bay Area Radio Surveys, Airchecks; Results 1 to 2 of 2 Thread: Then Sly did a 2 month stretch in 1967, across the bay in Oakland on 1310 KDIA-AM. Web Site Index. KDWB AM FM Historic KDWB AM FM Radio Airchecks Recordings. com airchecks downloaded from our site. Once again, an hour of radio ghosts recaptured: once in a lifetime occurances and remembrances (some from WFMU's own archives). The air date for this excerpt is Friday April 14, 1967. I Radio Nostalgie. Steve has a collection of hundreds of radio airchecks Spanning dozens of markets, eras, and formats Search for keywords, markets, jocks, newsmen in our searchable archive below. Related Links - Links to other radio broadcast history and tribute sites. com is an excellent site that can tell you all about WDRC! RON BRITAIN WCFL 1967 If there was one DJ who inspired me to want to get into radio, it was Ron Britain at WCFL from '65 to '70 . 1960s 1969 1968 1967 1966 1965 1964 1963 1962 1961 1960. Direct download via HTTP available as well. After graduating from Grand Rapids Catholic Central in 1966, he attended Ferris State University where he got start in radio on the campus station. If you have any material, please contact us and share it! We are also interested in your comments and suggestions on how we can improve the History of WOWO. 7 New York - Rosko Quits Job On Air - Oct 2 1967 radio airchecks mp3 radio airchecks and jingles radio aircheck examples radio aircheck script radio aircheck software radio Musicradio WABC Airchecks . $15. The Bay Area Radio Museum is seeking copies of any airchecks or other memorabilia that may be in private collections for inclusion in a public exhibit on the history of underground radio in the metropolitan In 1981, Ed formed The United Stations Radio Network with Dick and Nick Verbitsky. These were recorded digitally in high resolution stereo and contain full, unscoped morning shows from the first two weeks of August, 1988. It was great re-establishing contact and seeing Sean again. He only left I got to meet Geoff a few months back at the WHBC 85th Anniversary Birthday Party. Before WINN, before WAKYthe future Weird Beard paid some early radio dues at a station in Corydon, Indiana in the mid '60s. 5. It was owned by the Chicago Federation of Labor, hence its call letters. It was probably the first time he was ever on the air. One, we keep out of trouble with the RIAA, and 2, we are able to hear more of the announcer and local commercials. Your tax-deductible contribution to REELRADIO, Inc. And, there are still airchecks and recordings of Robert W. There are some airchecks of John at Reel Radio. S. The content was originally recorded via childhood “mixtapes” and trading with other radio enthusiasts. The link below lays the airchecks out for you by year and DJ. Airchecks are often telescoped, meaning that the body of all musical selections and commercials have been cut out so that only the "essence" of the station itself remains (ie. Don Steele (not to be confused with the personality of the same name that was heard for many years on KHJ in Los Angeles) can be heard spinning the stacks of wax amid authentic static on "Hello Radio". You'll hear from other WTMA staff members plus live reports from the CBS Radio Network, including WCBS Radio and TV in New York. BBC Salute to US Radio. SIGN-ON ---1967 --- LOCKED OUT ---WLRS John Q. Man From Mars Productions presents a variety of music surveys, which radio stations distribute through record stores to publicize which music is played on that station. This is a new documentation which will be split into 50 parts. Recordings from 770 AM Radio WABC New York, in streaming audio, From 1961 to 1980. Radio AirChecks and Jingles 1960's-2003. There is a nearly four minute long episode of Turkey Man. Radio Jingles and Airchecks from yesteryear - the jingles and airchecks we remember from the days when In 1967, when Johnny Hayes called KRLA "L. Resonating across the airwaves with his slightly gruff baritone, E. mp3 format and you will need one of the compatible players (below) to hear them. 14th August 1967, the UK Radio Jingles and Airchecks has 3,805 members. The airchecks on this not for profit web site were recorded off the air. Lee Smith, this is a . For allowing us to include WLS airchecks Roster of AM and FM Radio stations serving metropolitan Louisville in 1967 (each group reading left to right on your dial): AM Stations WTMT Jefferson Broadcasting Co. COUNTRY BY COUNTRY LISTINGS (IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER) BBC Radio 1, London (30 Sep 1967-) 1968 Jimmy Young. A look at Houston's radio history from the 50's to the 90's. Morgan that have yet to be contributed. Scoped airchecks are shorter in length and do not include musical performances. superjock. In this KSTP-AM (Minneapolis/St. com Airchecks page! We're adding airchecks all the time!. 1967 Brian Mathew HENDRIX + Top of the Pop UK 1300+ Airchecks 1967-1974 Showing 1-1 of 1 messages. Fond memories. Recorded by Schewizer over the course of decades, this collection consists WABC-AM 770: Wednesday, November 29, 1967 (27:07) Contributed by Rich Barbato. Thanks to so many people for providing so many of these airchecks. WMXV-CHERRIE. United Stations bought the RKO Radio Networks, then merged with Transtar to form Unistar. He's as interested in Broadcast History as I am. A recording of a radio station broadcast, usually made by connecting a recording device to a radio receiver. The WDGY Disc Jockeys The "Weegee" personalities who spun the sounds on Twin Cities airwaves and made radio great listening. airchecks german and international radio stations ** Piratestations AFN Radio Nordsee Caroline Veronica Luxembourg and many more ** ** BBC - Radio 1 & Radio 2 ** Your contribution towards the maintenance, updating and sustaining of our 1470 CFOX Montreal Radio Archive online is much appreciated. 5 WRFF (iHeartMedia) As WRCP-FM. 1K likes. Radio and Television Airchecks from 1965-1985. net is Over 3100 classic airchecks. 1 . airchecks. Web site description for superjock. on the air in 1984 and through the years included Pavek Hall of Fame personalities Roger Awsumb (WTCN-TV's Casey Jones) and Allen Gray (formerly of WCCO Radio). Mid 1968. This lot has Reel to Reel tapes containing recordings from New York area R&B & Top 40 radio stations from 1966 to 1989 including 107. 3200+ Airchecks & Countdowns 1967-1974. KLYF 100. As Programming head, he created The Weekly Country Music Countdown, which is still on the air, as well as countless weekly shows and specials. These are known as 'airchecks'. Additionally, the recordings can be used by vision impaired visitors to get an audio perspective of radio history. 2. , 900 kc, 1,000 watts 50 Years Ago this Month is a Blast from Your Past each month in 1967, as we feature radio, music, and life of Rock & Roll’s Golden Years … Enjoy the Moment … XERB Radio 1090, home of Wolfman Jack! The Digital Radio Home Of The . mp3 AirChecks New York Radio Airchecks 8 Reel to Reel Tapes WABC WCBS-FM WBLS Frankie Crocker. Introduction The history of WOR-FM and WXLO from 1966 until 1980. Jerry Vincent was a personality on several northeast Ohio radio stations during the 1970's and 80's, including Akron's WHLO/640 and much later, WDJQ/92. The San Francisco Bay Area is a diverse region, and it has been the home of a diverse assortment of radio stations of varying musical styles with air personalities to meet any taste. Big John came from the Albany area where he spent some years at WTRY and returned there after his stay at WOLF. com home page Gene Loving (November 1967) Richard Webb recorded quite a few air checks from his home about 15 miles north of Richmond. The WOLF 1490 Tribute Site. *** Be a Part of RadioYears! Do you have photos, memorabila, or audio recordings from any of our stations to share? Click here to contact us. This 31-minute aircheck includes a full five-minute newscast by KRLA Beat publisher Cecil Tuck. 14 (Fedora) works with 1312 ms speed. around here. This aircheck is all about the hits of 1967 and the air talents of Rick Shaw. Not a recreation, but actual on-air recordings as they were originally broadcast. org Man from Mars Productions - Airchecks Gary Pfeifer's Radio Airchecks Massachusetts Airchecks Aircheck Collectors Dave's Airchecks Links to Radio History: Massachusetts Stations Ricky the K's Time Machine: '60s Radio CKLW - The Big 8 Honor Roll Announcers appearing on CK from 1967 to 1984. 3UZ John Vertigan 1967 Scoped part one. True airchecks contain local station identifications or commercials before and after the network show and are generally accepted to be a recording of material as it was broadcast. A week after the Beatles dominated the Top 5 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, April 4, 1964, the Fab Four peppered the U. The station is now known as WMVP. Date (YYYY/MM/DD) Start Time Disk Jockey and/or format (positioner) Duration (min) This Site Primarily Contains a Collection of Airchecks of Numerous Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Ron "King B" Britain used to say he was doing radio for himself, that made him laugh. Pete, a great place to start is Uncle Ricky’s Radio Repository! (www. Its times like this when the audio we post must speak for itself. We've been busy posting airchecks, stories, and photos from the 1920s to the present on The Official Tennessee Radio Hall Of Fame Community on Facebook, and on The Tennessee Radio Hall Of Fame YouTube Channel. These airchecks from the summer of 1968 – when music still reigned on AM radio, are unscoped. Kennedy) went off the air and Lodge briefly worked for the BBC's newly created Radio One. Our focus is Top 40 radio from 1955 to 1989. We'll be happy to archive to CD any WKLO tapes we don't already have foreword: for those who are interested in anything to do with hit parade/top 40 radio of the 1950s and 1960s (especially toronto,buffalo,detroit and boston), and don't have high speed modems, it will be worth waiting to download the images while you read the text. IP is 74. The files are in . 00. DesMoinesBroadcasting. Please also note that the webmaster receives no compensation for working on this website, it is intended solely as a tribute to the radio stations and radio personalities of the past that are featured. Stream live events, live play-by-play NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college football, NCAA basketball, and Premier League matches. org to schedule your slot. somebody out there has to have airchecks on these Detroit R&B radio institutions — as we would love to have ANYTHING audio that may highlight those two legendary Detroit “soul” stations From Freed to Peel: Vintage Radio Airchecks By Mike Stax Issue 24 Ugly Things 103 O ld radio airchecks have been taking up a lot of my listening time in the past few months. Update August 22, 2014: Three new sets of airchecks have been uploaded: the 1964 KRLA Moon Bounce experiment, an excerpt of Stan Freberg's inspired promos for KRLA, and three 30-minute shows from 1967 by Derek Taylor. 1967 radio airchecks. Radio NOVA 101. WTMA 2000s Airchecks: Listen to what it sounded like on WTMA's Dan Moon show when Charleston received the news of the attacks on America on September 11, 2001. Card has been retired and living in Florida since 1993. All other airchecks should open normally without either of the aforementioned prompts interrupting your listening pleasure! Historic KDWB AM FM Radio Airchecks Recordings. THE WMCA GOOD GUYS IN 1992. Bostic is mostly remembered for his sports broadcasting. I'm on the Board for the Tennessee Radio Hall Of Fame, working to preserve the history of radio in Tennessee. A pair of recordings, mostly unrelated, found on a reel of tape marked "KHJ Morgue" in the archives of 93/KHJ program director Ron Jacobs. And if you had the same sense of humor he did (and I certainly did as a kid), it was also radio for you. WCFL (1000 AM) was the callsign of a commercial radio station in Chicago, Illinois, United States. WIXY 1260 Official Tribute Site. It illustrates what some have called the "blood and guts" style of CKLW 20/20 news, and is not recommended for the squeamish. Dave Burton, Fred Bourajaily, Bob DeCarlo ,Greg Gears, Mark Mervick, Aaron Mintz (for the KQV Coverage of the Beatles), Bob Wilson, Clarke Ingram, WT Koltek, Bob Wood, Dex Allen, Bob Shannon, Dennis Burns, Paul Carlson, Jim McLaughlin, John Rieger, Bob Celli, Ed Vance, Timothy G Adams In 1906, Reginald Fesseden made the first audio radio transmission, playing a record of a contralto singer performing Hendel's Largo. 1/93. Europe. com. BILLBOARD HOT 100 APRIL 11-17, 1964 ***** ABOUT THIS BILLBOARD CHART . American Airchecks. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for B MITCHEL REED ~ WMCA 570 & KFWB 980 ~ 1963 thru 1970 ~ 5 CD RADIO AIRCHECKS at the best online prices at eBay! Here I present some radio recordings from my collection. OPEN MYND COLLECTIBLES AIR CHECK CATALOG EMAIL : OPENMYND@SBCGLOBAL. will help keep this site online WOR-FM, WXLO and 99X--A Rewound Radio Educational Web Site . com website! Our 19th year online with over 700,000 visitors since 1999. The Doolittle Radio Corporation signed on WPAJ, the direct decendent of WDRC on in 1922 in New Haven, CT. A WNEW-FM press release annoucning that Rosko would be joining the station effective October 30th. 1968 Brian Mathew KALEIDOSCOPE + Top of the Pop UK BBC AC 159 BBC Show 15 Dec. mp3 FILE KYA 12-9-67 Top 30 1967 Part 1 Johnny Holliday. About one-in-five Americans listen to podcasts each week, and revenues in the U. Among the 30 deejays who appeared on the Radio London airwaves were such legends as Tony Windsor, Kenny Everett, Norman St. During the day, the reception was very good, but late in the afternoon, a lot of interference was heard. The KDWB Disc Jockeys AFRTS Archive The American Forces Radio and Television service touched a lot of people. EIGHT vintage reel to reel tapes, being sold as blank because of age. During the heyday of rock and roll, Top 40 radio stations often published weekly surveys of the top selling local tunes. Chuck Brinkman introduces the top 40 songs from the KQV Survey of 1967 (only a couple of bars from each of the songs are included) You can hear the classic "Groovy QV" promo on the Site title of www. KFMG Steve Brown March 1974 just before call letter change to KGGO. It was surreal and wonderful, a wall of sound effects and drops and Ron singing the weather, holding kazoo auditions, and being King B. I've recently found a great resource for vintage radio airchecks, called "reelradio. Thus began Radio's long association with music. You've probably never heard either name. Classic US Radio of the 60s . Big Apple Airchecks is proud to welcome our friend Pat St. THE MONKEES ON KDWB-AM IN 1967 . Audio on-the-web is a time intensive and space sensitive issue, so please be patient. 225 on Apache/2. WINN presently programs smoothly arranged, adult-oriented pop music. October 18, 1967 . or Jack Cooper. , 840 kc, 50,000 watts, clear channel WFIA Radio 900, Inc. Scott AIRCHECKS!!! AIRCHECKS!!! 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