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MultiSpeciality Hospital Sec 16 Chandigarh 160015 Chandigarh CHANDIGARH 09815629496 ndhawan_6144@yahoo. com Mohammad Saber Department of Computer Science and Engineering Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) Organizational design and hospital performance Muriel Crêteur, Yves Pochet ABSTRACT This paper is only one part of a larger research that aims at modeling the relationship between organizational design and hospital performance. 1 INTRODUCTION India’s health care service industry has turned out to be a major driver of economic growth with the multi-national healthcare segments parking their funds on Indian soil due to low cost of operation. Indian Multi-speciality Hospital to improve its OPD process flow and increase patient satisfaction. 1015, Ota, Ogun State. c. 1 Department of Administration Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Menoufia University, Shebin El-Kom, Egypt The purpose of this study was to examine leadership styles, factors, and outcomes perceived by. in partial fulfillment of the . 5m wide passage orthopedics area waiting 150 mm r. The Problem The management of the organization had received an interesting observation from the Business Intelligence and Perception of Patient Safety Among Nurses at Teaching Hospital. Ghada Abdelsalam Ahmed Eldeeb 1, Azza Abdallha Moustafa Ghoneim 2, Entsar Kamel Eldesouky 3. In India, terms such A study on patient satisfaction in In-house pharmacy in a multi-specialty hospital. You will find a list of architecture thesis topic below. Phase 2 will involve developing and implementing the protocol, and subsequent prospective data collection, for comparison to the phase 1 data. Design and Implementation of Hospital Management System Using Java Olusanya Olamide. This research is related to the changing context of hospital payment systems. Built placing priority on safety, our elevators, escalators and building system products are renowned for their excellent efficiency, energy savings and comfort. What We Know wall color of patient’s room: effects on recovery by kortney jo edge a thesis presented to the graduate school of the university of florida in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of interior design university of florida 2003 7 Project Proposed Multi-Speciality Hospital for M/s. The basic difference between air conditioning for healthcare facility and that of other building types stem from: 1. 1 Research Design 40 2. This Thesis proposes the design of a 500-bed general hospital to fill the medical needs for a rapidly growing satellite city with a population of 100,000 within a normal automobile radius of twenty minutes. No. (2012) D. uel. 3 Site Description 42 The main city is so big area. Kauvery Hospital is a leading, multi-speciality hospital offering best-in-class medical services for nearly 2 decades. abstract | thesis (30. At the same time, you should submit the PDF file of your thesis to ProQuest CSA’s UMI Dissertation Publishing. Plan and elevation views of a multi speciality hospital. Responses of Visitors and Employees. See more than 114 works of architecture related to Hospital design roar. D. 2. 0 1 / 3 SOME GUIDELINES FOR THESIS CONTENTS AND WRITING For writing the contents of your thesis, numerous common rules apply, some of which are listed below. I will mainly focus on the impact of psychological aesthetic environment, but will research the given statements thoroughly, aiming certain problems in state hospitals and also find solutions for hospital design as a whole by inhancing patient-centred design, therefore all elements should be understood thoroughly contributing to the design of a 1. SERVICE QUALITY IN HOSPITALS IN INDIA HOSPITALS – AN INTRODUCTION Most of the health problems require intensive medical treatment and personal care which normally are not available at the patients’ home or in the clinic of a doctor. Gabb Evidence- based design is commonly recognized as the best practice for the interior design of healthcare facilities. SIGNATURE DATE The proposed of software product is the Hospital Management System (HMS). thk. In India, terms such thesis writing jobs 8773 Asked by AbakbanoGot on January 11, 2019 . Critical Observation on Methodologies of Select Doctoral Research Studies Dr Indrajit Goswami † Abstract The present article aims to critically observe and interpret the methodological deficiencies as found in randomly selected 14 doctoral theses submitted to two different universities in India. Multi Speciality Hospital 2D DWG Plan for AutoCAD. Essentially, the goal for this thesis is to develop a framework that aids the design of a queuing Autonomous Mobile Robot: Mechanical Design Executive Summaries Autonomous Mobile Robot: Mechanical Design The design of autonomous mobile robots capable of intelligent motion and action without requiring either a guide to follow or a teleoperator control involves the integration of many different bodies of knowledge. multispeciality hospital design thesis pdf. HCS 47: A study on recommendation to improve liaison of medical reps and doctors. The hospital, a major social institution, offers considerable Department of Health November 2004 GUIDELINES IN THE PLANNING AND DESIGN OF A HOSPITAL AND OTHER HEALTH FACILITIES 2 of 6 3. Winkelman, Jr. For design features that are addressed by both the IBC as well as NFPA 101 or a document referenced by Patient satisfaction surveys can be a very useful tool for a medical practice if they are used appropriately. To merge the proposed design of the contemporary architecture to the local culture. Nigeria and particularly during the questionnaire survey and interview sections. 3 Exits shall terminate directly at an open space to the outside of the building. 9 Post-Occupancy Evaluation 32 1. thesis successfully completed by its alumni ever since the first batch graduation in 1966. Billions of Danish kroner are invested in hospitals with a focus on healing environments for patients and staff. Written primarily for supervisors working with second language students, this book covers the writing of each of the main chapters of a thesis, including the review of the literature. The Outpatients Department (OPD) is usually the most crowded sector in a hospital. ac. The interior designer plays a major role in this effort to create a therapeutic environment. • Sustainable design Registered Architect at the Council of Architecture (COA), Government of India. 12 Research Questions and Hypothesis 37 CHAPTER 2: METHODS 40 2. During my research I thought the thesis can be more interesting, -concrete- if I can show some applications. 10 2 200 BEDED MOTHER & CHILD HOSPITAL AT M. 2 Statement of the Problem . S. by . How the growth of outpatient clinics (now the primary patient location for diagnosis and treatment), integrated care models, and changing modes of treatment call for a new look at how to design ambulatory care facilities. uk Narayana Hrudayalaya: Bharuch Hospital Project Report December 18, 2012 Page 12 Proposed Operational Models Fee for the design consultancy and project management services It is proposed that NH is paid a lump sum amount of 1. VA Human Resources Strategic Plan Mission Statement for Human Resources – Recruit, develop, and retain a competent, committed, and diverse workforce that provides high quality service to veterans and their families. GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE HOSPITAL OF THE FUTURE 4 JointCommissionPublicPolicyInitiative This white paper emanates from The Joint Commission’s Hospital design 1. With paramount focus on patient care, patient safety and patient satisfaction, we are committed to offer exemplary medical services going beyond the norm of healthcare. Building Automation Systems Design Guidelines for Systems with Complex Requirements Master of Science Thesis in the Master’s Programme Structural Engineering and Building Performance Design JOHAN KENSBY RASMUS OLSSON Department of Energy and Environment Division of Building Services Engineering Chalmers University of Technology Chapter 11: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURES: CONCEPTS AND F0RMATS When two or more people work together to achieve a group result, it is an organization. Thesis Projects CCA has about 1,000 B. Department of Electrical / Electronic and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, Bells University of Technology, P. ii Popular Design . Statement bibliography citations fancy main purpose thesis statement hnd salesmanship ne student design and write of a student system. The present study was conducted in different pediatric units of Doaba Hospital, Jalandhar, Punjab and M. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. THESIS COMMISSIONING HVAC FOR HEALTHCARE FACILITIES – AN OVERVIEW HVAC design for health care facilities is all about providing a safer environment for patients and staff. O1, Elegbede Adedayo. This thesis would have been incomplete without you. Phil. Master thesis proposal sample pdf file Getting a thesis proposal done can be a little too complicated, especially if you are doing the project for the first time. wall 150 mm thk. May 4, 2013 . all dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified corridor waiting room bk. This “Basis of Structural Design for Buildings and Public Works” covers structures in general and provides the basic direction for establishing and revising technical standards related to structural design. The influence of stakeholder groups on organizational decision-making in public hospitals by Egil Marstein Dissertation for the Degree of Dr. as per design bk. Design Example of a Building IITK-GSDMA-EQ26-V3. 10 Evidence-based Design 34 1. 2 Thesis format check, thesis binding, depositing thesis copies, and electronic submission HOSPITAL BED ELEVATORS Mitsubishi Electric elevators and escalators are currently operating in approximately 90 countries around the globe. Classification of hospitals:- There are many methods of classification of the hospitals, such as; 1. Hence, the present study is undertaken in the study area with the objectives of the identifying the relationship between motivations related factors and job satisfaction of the pharmacists. 2005 Networking Laboratory version 1. In This current system in use is a paper-based system. & R Hospital, Mullana, Ambala, Haryana. se Examiner Peter Fröst, Adjunct Professor of Healthcare Design, CTH Jury Location and layout of hospital, need of hospital to community,planning,factors and data required in planning,fundamentals and objectives,principles,different stages,equipment planning,icu design and layout,quality quantity and temperature and noise control in hospital,conclusion The hospital, located in Nordbyhagen, Norway, utilizes geothermal heating for most of its warming requirements. Basement has car and bike parking bay, fork lift, morgue. While this thesis intends to fill the void in this research area of waiting, which has been dominated by mathematical models that is lacking of the consideration of human factors. These have been documented and ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF A (G + 6) MULTI STOREY RESIDENTIAL BUILDING USING STAAD PRO Abstract In order to compete in the ever growing competent market it is very important for a structural engineer to save time. In principle, this “Basis of Structural Design” requires explicit treatment of Bahari, Mohamed (2015) The effects of perceived service quality on patient satisfaction and behavioral compliance at a multi speciality public hospital in state of Pahang. It was only in February 1984 that it started admitting patients (5). Our belong Hospital Documentary system includes math of presentations, storing its details into the system, and also expected house in the preservation, and labs. AN ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION OF NAME OF STUDENT, for the Doctor of Philosophy degree in MAJOR FIELD, presented on DATE OF DEFENSE, at Southern Illinois University Car- Department of Architecture, Jadavpur University Vol 1. Design of a Comprehensive Student Information System (SIS) and User Interface for the Honors College at USF Sean M. Doaba Hospital, Jalandhar Punjab which is 50 bedded children hospital with bed occupancy rate is about 50. A3. Computerized usual few information system. Front porches These may include overhangs or porch roofs, an area where vehicles can pick up or drop off CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION AND DESIGN OF THE STUDY 1. GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE HOSPITAL OF THE FUTURE 4 JointCommissionPublicPolicyInitiative This white paper emanates from The Joint Commission’s At present, the future of hospital design is a subject of great interest and, therefore, a subject of discussion. 5. Architecture Thesis Topics. In the context of psychiatric healthcare, light is seen as essential for the patients’ healing process. Swales, J. 89 Medium Design . "A high order Discontinuous Galerkin - Fourier incompressible 3D Navier-Stokes solver with rotating sliding meshes for simulating cross-flow turbines" CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION AND DESIGN OF THE STUDY 1. and Feak, C. 1 Responsibilities of hospital staff The hospital pharmacist should be an expert on medicines who advises on prescribing, administering, and monitoring, as well as a supply manager who ensures that medicines are available through procurement, storage, distribution, inven-tory control, and quality assurance. For the Degree of. Being part of a real project, St. Lecture7,17May 2015 Somali Republic Benadir University Faculty of Engineering Dep. slab 150 mm r. 2 . Mix-Design Lecture Notes. How can hospital performance be measured and monitored? WHO Regional Office for Europe’s Health Evidence Network (HEN) August 2003 Summary The issue Measurement is central to the concept of quality improvement; it provides a means to define what politic barriers to renewable energy development remain in Namibia despite various programs that were implemented to remove them. Better services to avoid cross contamination. This expansion, designed by architects at Wilmot/Sanz, will expand the hospital’s clinical capabilities along with adding a new medical education center capable of providing this teaching hospital Every effort should be made to make the hospital stay as unthreatening, comfortable, and stress-free as possible. Many thesis, embodying research, documentation, analysis, design proposal and presentation, on a wide variety of subjects, have won acclaim from external examiners from various parts of India and abroad. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Projects Undertaken: • Beypore Beach City - a mixed use development project ( ITSEZ ,residential, commercial , and recreational facilities ) • Industrialized Housing in Udupi City and Malpe Beach • Multi Speciality Hospital Design 16 August 2010 Ver. . Auburn, Alabama . Sustainability was also a factor in the facility’s construction, and materials were locally sourced. peadiatrics zonal transplant centre inquiry / waiting brihanmumbai mahanagarpalika notes: 1. Sampling Procedure A total of 110 doctors were working at the time of this study in this hospital. distinct researches conducted in the combination of the two. multispeciality hospital design thesis pdf The student will identify the levels of management and describe the activities and concerns of specific departments within each level. Landscaped setbacks These are usually planted areas in front of the main entrance, which are visually pleasant and serve to separate the hospital building from the street. 7mb, pdf) Ferrer, E. Vikram hospital caters to both their staff and patient’s needs through the design. This hospital may provide a healthcare services which would be in selected disciplines to families belonging to the Below Poverty Line and general categories. <hod@arch. as a sequel to this an attempt is made to analyze and design a Multistoried building by using a software package staad pro. 12. CAMPUS JODHPUR 11 3 3 D ANALYSIS OF BUILDING FRAME USING STAAD PRO 12 3 339 MLD CAPACITY SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT AT AMBERPET 13 3 3D ANALYSIS OF BUILDING FRAME USING STAAD- PRO SOFTWARE TECHNIQUE Sl. Many research review panels often reject documents outright and the reason for the rejection and negative feedback is that such projects are not always up to the required standards. Herman Miller Healthcare highlights solutions for creating adaptive and flexible ambulatory care facilities. Overall, the study makes a significant contribution to healthcare organizations, better health outcomes for patients and better quality of life for the community. Master of Science . These architecture thesis topics will enlighten and broaden your vision of architecture thesis topics. Auburn University . My special love and appreciation goes to my family (my wife Helen, our two sons Daniel and David) for holding forth at home while I was away for the first two years. This thesis examines the historical evolution of hospital design and attempts to identify the primary determinants which have shaped hospital design strategies. The ideal outcome of this thesis is to design a marketing strategy plan to help the case Hospital Healing Garden Design and Emotional and Behavioral . Subsection 1. Uploaded by. to commencement. Cross sectional descript correlational design utilized to collect data from 272 nurses in two major government-owned, tertiary hospitals in Saudi Arabia. 2018 NOT to be attempted by the New Candidates How can hospital performance be measured and monitored? WHO Regional Office for Europe’s Health Evidence Network (HEN) August 2003 Summary The issue Measurement is central to the concept of quality improvement; it provides a means to define what Organizational Change Through Leadership This paper describes about an organizational change that author encountered during her term as an RN on the cardiac floor in a multi-specialty hospital based out of Lubbock, Texas. B. Personnel Statement bibliography citations fancy main purpose thesis statement hnd salesmanship ne student design and write of a student system. Prashanth Hospital at Velachery, Chennai Magnitude Multi-Speciality Hospital Value INR 53. The building is located in seismic zone III on a site with medium soil. 95 Detailed Project Report for Developing, Setting up and Management of the India Health Portal to promote Health Literacy 7 Project Proposed Multi-Speciality Hospital for M/s. 02. You will pay the thesis binding fee in the Office of Graduate Studies and Research at this time. A suitable Site was chosen in Coimbatore with good accessibility to most parts of the city. Documents Similar To Case Study on Hospital. 2 Site Selection 40 2. University of Nebraska, 2012 Advisor: Betsy S. 8 Hospital Design in Singapore 30 1. 1. Motivation and job satisfaction are like two sides of the Hospital Outdoor Landscape Design 383 2. The new hospital opened in 2008, although work will continue on the emergency department until 2014. Hospitals design 3. Oecon Series of Dissertations 2/2003 BI Norwegian School of Management Department of Leadership and Organisational Management architecture and filter then for healthcare environments for children. 8 Project ITC 6, 7 & 8 for M/s Tech Mahindra at Bengaluru Study design and Study population A cross sectional study was carried out among all the doctors working at the hospital during the study period. 101 or documents referenced therein shall comply with the requirements of the latest edition of the IBC or as otherwise addressed in this Design Manual. 0 Page 3 Example — Seismic Analysis and Design of a Six Storey Building Problem Statement: A six storey building for a commercial complex has plan dimensions as shown in Figure 1. no. c Analysis for Marketing strategy plan of Pharmaceutical Company Pages 47 Date Nov27, 2013 Thesis instructor Esa Jauhola The objective of this thesis is to design a marketing strategy plan for Jiangxi Chenxin Pharmaceutical Company in the medicinal market. Hospitals and healthcare facilities with Interesting and innovative architecture and design from around the world. foreign language communications analyst cover letter dissertation udsm example of a cause and effect essay business school essay editing essay on my first board exam dissertation on geometry 2 month leave application letter how to write an interview narrative essay formato de curriculum vitae gratis para imprimir essay topic A quasi experimental design was used in the study. requirements for the Degree of . Care for Women, Refurbishment of Women Clinic at Akademiska Sjukhuset in Uppsala Master Thesis at Chalmers University of Technology, Architecture Started: January 16, 2012 Presented: May 8, 2012 Author Shadi Jalali Heravi, heravi@student. Bachelor of Architecture (Architecture) By INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR TEE DEGREE OF MASTER IN ARCHITECTURE, JULY, 1961. Anthony Hospital: When applied to the design of the hospital’s interior and exterior, terms such as ‘clearing,’ ‘glade,’ and ‘filtering of light’ emerged and informed functional relationships, space planning, views, material selection, lighting design and room layout. 11 Studying Sustainable Design for Thermal Comfort in Hospital Wards 35 1. 4 April-June 2016 Department Of Architecture, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, W. (2004) Academic writing for graduate students: Essential tasks its kind in India for financing a multispeciality medical centre to be run on corporate lines”(4). CTSI was founded by renowned oncolo-gists, Dr Jeffery Shogan and Dr Stanley Marks, along with a host of other clinicians from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Organizational Structure of a Hospital OBJECTIVES/RATIONALE Every hospital, large or small, has an organizational structure that allows for the efficient management of departments. After the objectives of an organization are established, the functions that must be performed are determined. in> The closure of the academic year 2015-’16 in May 2016 was brought in by series of architectural design jury sessions including UG and PG theses works. Hospital will have better space planning, circulation, infection control and healing environment. For this study a sample of 50 %( 55 doctors) from the population were randomly recruited. Motta 1, 2 Advisor: Ms. Hospital Management & Information System (HMIS) 14 The HMIS Edge Quintegra’s unique insights into hospital information needs provides value-additions beyond “productized”hospital management systems Since clients will be involved in all stages of the HMIS implementation, post- The hospital formulary system is a method whereby the medical staff of a hospital with the help of pharmacy and therapeutic committee selects and evaluate medical agents and their dosage form which are considered to be mot useful in the patient care. The frequent problems encountered include the waiting period for consultation, an unpredictable number of Walk-in patients, insufficient and operationally Thesis Projects CCA has about 1,000 B. In many cases conducting a survey requires a fairly large investment of staff time, so it is extremely helpful to know precisely what you are trying to measure before conducting a survey. I am very grateful. Keywords: Hospital, Healing Garden, Design, Helsinki University of Technology 12. From the latest technology to the introduction of graphic visual elements, this hospital stands out amongst other hospitals in design and conceptual strengths. A hospital's interior design should be based on a comprehensive understanding of the facility's mission and its patient profile. The system will be used in any Hospital, Clinic, Dispensary or Pathology labs in any Hospital, Clinic, Dispensary or Pathology labs to get the information from the patients and then storing that data for future. affecting both motivation and job satisfaction of the employees. Thesis and dissertation writing in a second language. After I met Stefan Lundin, and he offered me to study on new children’s hospital, being designed by White architects. 90 This thesis proposes a comparison of both the conceptual and the logical design models and a sample data warehouse design and implementation is provided. It co characteristics that govern repeat use of urgent care in a multi-specialty group practice a thesis submitted to the faculty of the program in hospital and health care multi-specialty institutional protocol for the management of appendicitis throughout each patient’s hospital stay. By understanding patients pschological needs providing home like environment, fresh air, daylight, views will help reduce recovery time Project Report multispeciality hospital. The purpose of this thesis is to identify organizational culture characteristics that are more conducive to supporting an agile and strategic agency; it is an exploration of the more abstract and underlying values existing within agencies that influence overall organizational behaviors, processes, and decision-making. pdf. Huelat, AAHID, ASID, IIDA Each visitor—whether he or she is a patient, family member, or healthcare Database Management System Case Studies Case Study 1 Hospital Management System Aim: XYZ hospital is a multi specialty hospital that includes a number of departments, rooms, doctors, nurses, compounders, and other staff working in the hospital. Patients having different THE IMPACT OF INTERIOR DESIGN ON HOSPITAL CLEANING: CAN GOOD DESIGN DECISIONS HELP CLEANING STAFF ACHIEVE BETTER OUTCOMES? Julia Graves Williams, M. disserattion on healing architecture for hospital Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Kelly Martin . 3. See more ideas about Hospital Architecture, Healthcare design, Hospitals. 5% of the total project cost for its support towards on design planning, project management and pre-operative Correct type of glass is used to reduce the heat and glare within the hospital. 0. jdvu. Sharon Geiger 2 1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, USF College of Engineering 45 / Hospital pharmacy management 45. Multi-Specialty Hospital, GIFT-City, Gandhinagar In the Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements. chalmers. A thesis submitted to the Graduate Faculty of . M. Arch. com Details of Ethics Committee Name of Committee Approval Status Date of Approval Is Independent Ethics Committee? Thesis Committee Govt. FOUNDATIONS OF HOSPITAL DESIGN: an Analysis of the Evolution of Determinants and Strategies of Hospital Design by Henry T. London: Routledge. W2, and Ogunseye Abiodun. This cad file shows complete plan of 3 storey hospital with basement . 3 45. It is observed that in the conceptual design phase, object-oriented model provides the best solution and for the logical design • Semester 6 5 Star Hotel Design • Semester 7 Group housing for IT staff in Gurgaon Spiti Valley documentation • Semester 8 Internship at RSMS Architects, New Delhi • Semester 9 Kolkata Documentation Kolkata Urban Design Dissertation on green building & its challenges faced in India • Semester 10 Thesis –Multi Specialty Hospital HOSPITAL BED ELEVATORS Mitsubishi Electric elevators and escalators are currently operating in approximately 90 countries around the globe. I. Vision Statement – The VA Human Resource community is a dynamic, innovative, flexible PG 18-10 – ELEVATOR DESIGN MANUAL March 1, 2018 . Thesis Proposal Executive Summary The Christiana Hospital project is a 299,000 square foot addition to the Christiana Medical Campus. MultiSpeciality Hospital Sec 16 Chandigarh Approved 26/02/2011 Yes Regulatory Clearance Status from DCGI 3 Wayfinding: Design for Understanding Barbara J. obstetric and gynaecology specialist hospital this is a proposed specialist hospital for enugu, aimed at handling all health cases as it relates to ‘woman’ department of architecture university of nigeria, enugu campus a thesis submitted to the department of architecture,, faculty of environmental studies, university of nigeria, enugu campus Design of a Hospital-Based Database System (A Case Study of BIRDEM) Rosina Surovi Khan Department of Computer Science and Engineering Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) Dhaka, Bangladesh Email: surovi99@yahoo. bk. TEKS: 121. Civil Engineering Prepared by:- Architect Engineer, A/kadir Dahir A/llahi Architecture II 2. WELCOME. In this project. Practically, the study provides hospital management with a health care service quality model for conducting integrated analysis and design of service delivery systems. The thesis analyses the Namibian energy system at both the institutional and technological levels in order to understand which policy framework could sustain a renewable energy transition. MULTI SPECIALITY HOSPITAL DESIGN (3RD YEAR) A multi speciality hospital design had been chosen for the V semester students, to make them understand the complexities in the circulation and functional aspects of design. A competency model for security officers: A qualitative design is my own work, and that all the sources that I have used or have quoted from have been indicated and acknowledged by means of complete references. The Chennai hospital was inaugurated amidst much fanfare in September 1983 by Zail Singh, President of India. List of Projects Already Approved Upto 09. zens Hospital, which is a multi speciality hospital in Hyderabad, and AmPath, which is a pathology diagnostics provider with a niche focus on oncology diagnostics. 85 crores Role Design Engineer – for carrying out detailed engineering for proposing suitable foundation system and shoring system. the hospital formulary system provides the information After choosing one particular subject of your architectural thesis, you will have to develop an architecture thesis topic. A DESIGN THESIS REPORT ON