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Rookh is the word for tree in several Indian dialects. Rookh forms an entire ecosystem around it living on natural resources and giving back to Nature by supporting various lifeforms. Following this guiding principle, we have created a place where we explore the relationship between human and nature. Make your holidays with us and invest in a lifetime experience.

Vacations are essential to recreate and refresh ourselves to take up the challenges of modern life. And closeness to nature alone is the most efficient way of rejuvenation. But modernity has served a blow to the system and diversity of nature, along with our own health. Therefore, we bring you an environment and culture based on the concept of reconciliation with Mother Nature. At ROOKH, we experiment with a natural lifestyle allowing self-healing and, also, learning ways to let nature rebuild herself. We develop learning based holidays around farming, creating urban niches for biodiversity and traditional cultures.

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